For Your Consideration : 65th Grammy(R) Awards

Amor the newest album by Gustavo Alarco, featuring Mark Kassa & Slight Return. 

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30 year Anniversary of Gustavo Alarco's 1st Worldwide release on RCA/BMG Records. Gustavo is known around the globe as the ambassador of Peace and Love through music.

"I can't believe it has been 30 years already since my first album. Where did the time go" Gustavo said. " I want to thank GOD, my parents , TV, Radio and the free press for always having kind words to say about me..... and to those that didn't, I love you too" Alarco said in a recent interview.

" This is for all of the fans who came out to the signings, festivals, TV appearances, radio call in guests, and to see the live shows we performed all throughout North America, South America, the beautiful Isla del Encanto Puerto Rico, and Europe. I would not still be creating music and singing my heart out today if it weren't for YOU!!! I Love you !!!

Now lets see what the next 30 years has in store. Lets keep the Music Alive, and Love one another. "


Gustavo Alarco releases new single "Mercy"(Turn on the light) featuring Mark Kassa & Slight Return.

Gustavo known internationally as the ambassador of Peace and Love through music teams up again with Mark Kassa & Slight Return to bring the world a message of Harmony through this beautifully written and arranged song "Mercy" (Turn on the Light).

Written by the new dynamic duo of songwriting Alarco/Kassa, this song is sure to be on heavy rotation throughout the US and abroad shining God's light upon the world in this turbulent and tumultuous time we live in .

GOD works in Incredible ways !!! Mercy (turn on the Light) is a contemporary Christian Rock song about Grace, Love, and Hope.

Enjoy, and remember to be kind to one another.

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Gustavo Alarco of the Drexxel Lexington Road Show will be hosting "A Celebration of Music"  a private Event at the Grammy(R) Museum on October 2nd 2022 .

"I'm very honored and blessed that these great international Artists have asked me to host this special event from the Grammy(R) Museum celebrating the International language that unites us all, "MUSIC" .... Gustavo said in a recent         interview.

In a time when the world is healing from the events that have occurred over the last 3 years, Music always prevails.

We all look forward to this worderful evening of great Music, laughter and Love.